new jeans, blue jeans, dark
denim dream wash. perfectly
relaxed, short enough

not to soak up salt
in the winter and betray
me with ankle stains,

summer sandal graze.


broker; Troubleshooter of
syllabic sequence;

Poem distribution.

empty: void; barren;
evacuated; vacant;
vacuous; lacking;

depleted; blank; dry;
unfilled; wanting; desolate;
starving; devoid;

unsatisfied; bare;
containing nothing; hollow;
destitute; squandered.

Tell me, dark bellied
dew lover, Drosophila

how you emerge each
summer from the green folds of
cauliflower stems.

Do you nest in strings
of green beans, or hitch rides in
on fuzzy peach skins?

Have you learned the art
of spontaneous auto-
generation? Or,


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you asked me to take
dance classes with you on one
of our last good days.

i regret ending
without ever having once
waltzed with you, Schatzi.

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I watched the sky bloom
this dawn; hazy pinks melted
from hazy purples

to dove greys and blues.
And all the while, two clouds swam
in unison through

the hazy stillness.
Till they faded, modest before
this bold meddler in

the sex lives of clouds.

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another late night
on the horizon of time
sleep is elusive

you wrote, and i thought
how nice it would be to see
you again. until…
i remembered how
i could never quite inhale
your scent and like it.

pheromonal foil

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…tried to look away,
she said, but her skirt, ridden
up to her waist, showed

a decided lack
of even granny panties.
the moral? don’t leave

home sans your grannies.

Pepper puked today.
Puppy Pepper puked a peck
of pickled puppy


Disclaimer. No dogs
were harmed in the writing of
this haiku. Despite

pickled puppy puke.